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Touring Accessories

15 Best Cycle Accessories to Elevate Your Cycling Experience from the House of Trek N Ride


Cycling is not just a mode of transportation; it’s a lifestyle, a passion, and an adventure. Whether you’re a daily commuter, a weekend warrior, or an avid long-distance cyclist, having the right cycling accessories can make your rides more convenient and enjoyable. In this blog, we will explore essential cycling gear categorized into three main areas: convenience and functionality, adventure-ready accessories, and maximizing storage and maintenance.

Cycle Accessories for Convenience and Functionality

1. Top Tube Bags

Bicycle Front Top Tube Bag - Large
Trek N Ride Blue – Bicycle Front Top Tube Bag – Large

top tube bag

Trek N Ride Top Tube bag – Small

Top tube bags offer easy access to snacks, energy gels, or small tools without having to dismount your bike. They are perfect for storing essentials within arm’s reach.

3. Handlebar Bottle & Mobile Pouch

Handlebar Bottle & Mobile Pouch for cycle

Trek N Ride Cycle Handlebar Water bottle & Phone Pouch

Stay hydrated and connected with a handlebar pouch that can hold both your water bottle and smartphone. It ensures you’re always ready for any situation.

4. Saddle Bags

Cycle Saddle Bag /Bicycle Seat post Bag

Cycle Saddle Bag/Bicycle Rear Seat Post Bag

cycle saddle bag large

Bicycle Saddle Bag/Rear Seat Post Bag- Large

Saddlebags provide extra storage space for tools, spare tubes, and other necessities. They attach neatly under your saddle and won’t interfere with your cycling.

5. Hydration Bags

Hydration bag 2 litre

Trek N Ride Hydration Bag Backpack 2Ltr

hydration bag 3 litre

Trek N Ride Waterproof Hydration Pack- TrailBlazer [3L] with Bladder

neo hydration backpack - 2 litre

Hydration Bag backpack with bladder – Neo [2L]


For longer rides, hydration bags are a game-changer. With a bladder that holds 2L or 3L of water, you can stay hydrated without stopping.

6. Reflective Vest

reflective mesh fabric vest

Trek N Ride Reflective Vest

Safety should always be a priority. A reflective vest makes you more visible to drivers, especially during low-light conditions.

Adventure-Ready Cycle Accessories for Exploration and Long Rides

1. Cycle Panniers

cycle pannier-city

Trek N Ride Unisex Polyester Cycle Pannier – City

Waterproof Cycle Pannier - Touring

Trek N Ride Waterproof Cycle Pannier – Touring

Panniers are spacious bags that attach to your bike’s rear rack, perfect for carrying gear on long-distance journeys or commuting.

2. Cycle Rear Carrier Bag

Cycle Rear Carrier Bag (Brevet Buddy Series)

Trek N Ride Cycle Rear Carrier Bag (Brevet Buddy Series)

Brevet buddies are compact, streamlined bags designed for endurance riders. They fit neatly behind your saddle and provide easy access to essentials.

3. Canguru Saddle Bag

Canguru Water-proof cycle Saddle Bag

Trek N Ride Cycling (Canguru) Saddle/Seat Bag

The Canguru saddle bag is designed for off-road adventures. It offers ample storage without affecting your bike’s handling.

4. Toptube Lange

Lange cycle long top tube bag

Top Tube Bag – Full Length (Lange Series)

A full length bag suitable for cycles having top tube length up to 50 cm . This large capacity bag is suitable to carry riding essentials like spares/tools and mini pump. This can fit Road/Hybris and MTBs

5. Handlebar Bags

cycle handlebar waterproof bag

Trek N Ride Waterproof Handlebar Bag 

AquaSeal cycle waterproof Handlebar bag

AquaSeal – Waterproof Cycle Handlebar Bag


cycle Handlebar Bag.

Cycle Handlebar Bag – 2L

Handlebar bags are versatile for holding snacks, maps, or a light jacket. They attach to your handlebars and offer easy accessibility.

6. Frame Bag

cycle waterproof frame bag

Trek N Ride Frame bag fit within your bike’s triangle frame and maximize storage space for longer rides without adding aerodynamic drag.


Cycle accessories for Convenient Storage and Maintenance of Cycle

1. Wall Mount Hook

Wall Mount Bicycle Hook

A wall mount hook keeps your bike off the floor and out of the way, making it easy to access and reducing clutter.

2. Wall Mount Foldable

Bicycle Wall Mount - Foldable cycle accessories

Bicycle Wall Mount – Foldable

If space is limited, a foldable wall mount can be a space-saving solution. It folds flat against the wall when not in use.

3. Ceiling Bicycle Hanger Lift

ceiling Mounted Bicycle Hanger Lift

A ceiling hanger lift is perfect for those with high ceilings. It allows you to hoist your bike up and out of the way.

Cycle Accessories for Transportation : Accessibility and Ease

1. Cycle Carry Case Bags

Cycle Carry Case

Trek N Ride Bicycle Carry Case – MTB

cycle carry case

Trek N Ride Bicycle Carry Case – Road

For travel or transportation, a cycle carry case bag provides protection and ease of handling for your bike.

2. Cycle Wheel Bag

Bicycle Wheel Bag
Trek N Ride Bicycle Wheel Bag/Travel Case

Protect your wheels during transport with a dedicated wheel bag, ensuring they arrive at your destination in perfect condition.

Take away

Cycling is a versatile and fulfilling activity, whether for commuting, leisure, or exploration. By equipping yourself with the right cycling accessories, you can enhance your riding experience, stay safe, and be prepared for any adventure that comes your way. From convenience and functionality to adventure-ready gear and storage solutions, these cycling essentials will help you make the most of your time on two wheels. So, gear up, hit the road, and enjoy the ride!


-Swapna Simon 

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