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Lange Top Tube Bag for Bicycles


  • Full-length top tube bag for cycle
  • Spacious enough to carry all your essentials
  • Material – 1000D Polyester
  • Size – 50x7x7 cm (LxHxW)
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Lange, the full-length Top Tube Bag for bicycles, is designed to withstand the rigors of cycling while ensuring the safety of your belongings

This bag, crafted from durable 1000D Polyester material, is a spacious and versatile solution for cyclists who prioritize carrying essential items during their rides.

Key Features:

Large Capacity: With a generous size of 50x7x7 cm (LxHxW), this full-length top tube bag provides ample space to accommodate all your riding essentials. Whether you’re carrying spares, tools, or a mini pump, this bag has you covered.

Versatile Design: The bag’s design is tailored to fit a variety of cycles, including Road, Hybrid, and MTBs. Its adaptability makes it a go-to accessory for cyclists with different bike types, ensuring compatibility with top tube lengths up to 50cm.

Durable Construction: Constructed from high-quality 1000D Polyester, this bag offers durability and resistance to wear and tear. It is built to withstand the challenges of various terrains, providing long-lasting performance.

Convenient Full-length Design: The full-length design of the bag ensures that you can utilize every inch of available space efficiently. Organize your essentials in a way that suits your preferences, making them easily accessible during your rides.

Secure Attachment: The bag is designed for a secure and stable attachment to your cycle, ensuring it stays in place even during bumpy rides. Enjoy the convenience of having your essentials within arm’s reach without compromising stability.

Upgrade your cycling experience with Lange, the full-length Top Tube Bag—a reliable and spacious companion for your cycling adventures. Carry everything you need with ease and ride with the confidence that your essentials are securely stored and readily accessible.

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Additional information

Weight 165 g
Dimensions 50 × 7 × 7 cm

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5 reviews for Lange Top Tube Bag for Bicycles

  1. Chachane186

    This toptube bag holds everything you’d ever want to put into it.

    The only downside is that because it’s so long it raises the physical toptube height, causing it to collide with my tender bits down there every time I put I stop my bike and stand up.

    A reduction in length by 8-10 inches would be perfect as it would still retain 60% of it’s carrying capacity, and not punch me in the crotch every time I stopped.

    I suppose it would be perfect for MTB frames with a very low top tube, but for road bike frames, it’s just a bit painful.

  2. Prathamesh Desai

    Super bag haven’t tested in rain but have done a 300 km ride with all food in it gel,bars , 4 idlies and 3 masala dosas packed, compacted. Some initial knee rubbing on it but I had also over loaded. But least of bothering. Works fantastic for the price. Decently light weight ,compared to apidura ( that’s almost no weight) can work on that. But overall good to go brand. Nothing is heavy when ur touring !

  3. Cipin V.

    I can carry my power bank, Mi portable air compressor, puncture kit, and some protein chocolates in it..
    I’m full and satisfied.

  4. Amit

    A value for money bag.

  5. mehul j.

    Good quality

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