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Hydration Bag backpack with bladder – Neo [2L]



  • 2 Litre hydration backpack with bladder.
  • Ideal for riding, day hiking and trail running.
  • High quality 1000D fabric construction.
  • Adjustable chest and waist starps.
  • Mesh on back and backstraps to minimize sweating
  • Long pullers for easy operation with gloves on.
  • Reflective stripes on back for better visibility
  • 2 external zip pockets and one mesh pouch for keeping other essentials
  • BPA free high quality TPU bladder with bigger mouth for easy cleaning
SKU: HDBG-NE Availability: 20 in stock (can be backordered)


Introducing the 2-Litre Hydration Backpack: Your Ultimate Companion for Active Pursuits

Unleash the power of hydration and convenience with our 2-litre hydration backpack. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this backpack is engineered to enhance your riding, day hiking, and trail running experiences. Its high-quality 1000D fabric construction guarantees durability, while a range of thoughtfully designed features ensure unmatched functionality.

Key Features for Unsurpassed Performance:

  • Optimal Hydration Capacity: With a 2-litre bladder included, this backpack ensures you stay refreshed throughout your journey, no matter the activity.
  • Versatile for Active Pursuits: Perfect for riding, day hiking, and trail running, our backpack adapts to your various outdoor pursuits.
  • Premium 1000D Fabric: Crafted from high-quality 1000D fabric, this backpack boasts exceptional strength, promising longevity to withstand the rigors of your adventures.
  • Customizable Fit: Adjustable chest and waist straps ensure a secure and comfortable fit tailored to your body, allowing you to focus on your activities without distractions.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: Mesh on the back and backstraps minimizes sweating, providing you with a cooler and more comfortable experience even during intense activities.
  • Glove-Friendly Operation: Long pullers make operation easy, even with gloves on, ensuring you can access your hydration without hassle.
  • Improved Visibility: Reflective stripes on the back increase your visibility, adding an extra layer of safety during low-light conditions.
  • Ample Storage: The backpack features 2 external zip pockets and a mesh pouch, offering convenient space for other essentials such as snacks, keys, or a small first aid kit.
  • Quality Bladder: The BPA-free TPU bladder features a larger mouth, simplifying the cleaning process and ensuring your hydration remains pure.

Elevate your outdoor adventures with the 2-litre hydration backpack – a blend of performance, comfort, and innovation. Embrace a new level of hydration and explore the outdoors with confidence. Get yours today and embark on your next adventure fully prepared.

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Weight 610 g

Trek N Ride








1000D fabric

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