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Universal Fuel Jerry Can (5L)


  • Ideal for the safe storage of fuels & liquids under emergency situations for a motorcycle adventure.
  • Fuel jerry can be made from high-grade engineering plastic with features of oil resistant, corrosion resistance, anti-static, anti-UV radiation.
  • Specially designed lock system for motorcycle mounting SGS test approval Vent valve design can prevent negative pressure back flow.
  • The external pressure can be up to 2 tons without deformation, falling without deformation burst.
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Experience Ultimate Fuel Storage Safety for Motorcycle Adventures

Introducing our Fuel Jerry Can, a paramount solution for secure liquid storage during motorcycle adventures, particularly in emergency scenarios. Crafted from top-tier engineering plastic, this jerry can offers a host of benefits, including resistance to oil, corrosion, static, and UV radiation.

Key Features for Optimal Performance:

  • Engineered for Safety: Trust our fuel jerry can to ensure the utmost safety when storing fuels and liquids on your motorcycle expeditions, offering peace of mind during unforeseen situations.
  • Premium Engineering Plastic: Crafted from high-grade engineering plastic, our jerry can boasts a remarkable combination of qualities including oil resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static properties, and UV radiation resistance.
  • Innovative Lock System: Designed specifically for motorcycle mounting, our jerry can features a specialized lock system that guarantees secure attachment while you ride.
  • SGS Test Approval: Rest assured with our jerry can’s SGS test approval, ensuring that it meets rigorous standards for quality and performance.
  • Vent Valve Design: The vent valve design effectively prevents negative pressure backflow, contributing to a hassle-free and efficient fueling process.
  • Built for Durability: Even under immense external pressure, our jerry can remains steadfast, withstanding up to 2 tons of pressure without deformation. It maintains its integrity, resisting deformation even after falling.

Elevate your motorcycle adventures with our Fuel Jerry Can, meticulously crafted to provide a safe and reliable solution for fuel and liquid storage. Invest in quality, durability, and peace of mind – get yours today and embark on worry-free journeys.

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2 reviews for Universal Fuel Jerry Can (5L)

  1. Ravindra

    It is what i expected it to be.

  2. richard


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