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Fuel Jerry Can 10 Litres


  • Ideal for the safe storage of fuels & liquids in emergency situations.
  • Made from high-grade engineering plastic with features of oil resistant, corrosion resistance, anti-static, anti-UV radiation Special designed lock system, SGS test approval Vent valve design, can prevent negative pressure backflow.
  • The external pressure can be up to 2 tons without deformation, falling without deformation burst
  • Colour: Olive Green 
EAN: 2000000006420 SKU: JCN-10GR Category: Availability: 9 in stock


The versatile 10-litre fuel jerry can, meticulously crafted for Cars, SUVs, and Jeeps to conquer overlanding expeditions and remote off-road challenges.

This essential gear comes complete with two lockable mounts for secure vehicle attachment, ensuring utmost reliability on your journeys.

Key Features:

Adaptable Design: Tailored to perfectly suit Cars, SUVs, and Jeeps, the 10-litre fuel jerry can is an indispensable companion for your overlanding escapades and demanding off-road endeavors.

Secure Mounting: Equipped with two lockable mounts, can be effortlessly secured to your vehicle, providing unwavering stability even in the toughest terrains.

Effortless Fuel Handling: The provided hose ensures effortless fuel filling and emptying, simplifying fuel management during your travels.

Built-In Air Valve: With an inbuilt air valve, enables effective vapor evaporation, enhancing safety and convenience while in use.

Emergency-Ready: Engineered for the safe storage of fuels and liquids, reliable solution for emergencies, ensuring you’re prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

High-Grade Engineering Plastic: Crafted from superior engineering plastic, this jerry can boasts remarkable features including oil resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-static properties, and anti-UV radiation capabilities.

Special Lock System: The ingeniously designed lock system adds an extra layer of security, keeping your precious fuels and liquids safeguarded during your journeys.

SGS Test Approval: This jerry can has undergone rigorous SGS testing and approval, attesting to its quality and dependability.

Vent Valve Design: Featuring a vent valve design, this jerry can effectively prevents negative pressure backflow, further enhancing its safety and performance.

Exceptional Durability: Designed to endure, this jerry can can withstand external pressures of up to 2 tons without deformation, ensuring it remains intact even under pressure.

Olive Green Colour: With a distinctive olive green hue, this jerry can embody functionality and style, making it an asset to your vehicle’s equipment.

Elevate your overlanding and off-road experiences with the 10-litre fuel jerry can, a reliable companion that brings efficiency, security, and durability to your adventurous journeys.

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Weight 1800 g

Trek N Ride




Olive Green

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5 reviews for Fuel Jerry Can 10 Litres

  1. Michel

    Overall useful for storage. Recommended!

  2. harish

    Received the product on time. Packaging and delivery were upto the mark.

  3. Sricharan

    Very good product, leak-proof and sturdy product. really the best option for storing petrol and other fuel oils.

  4. VamsiKrishna

    Good product but only for four wheeler

  5. simrat

    Served its purpose. A good buy and the attachment easily fits.

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