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Triathlon Bottle Holder


The Triathlon Bottle Holder is made of high-quality PC material, durable, lightweight, will not attrit the bicycle frame, and is easy to install. Great for road, mountain, hybrid, touring, and electric bicycles.

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This product is useful for attaching 2 bottle cages on to the saddle. light weight alloy material and suitable for all standard shape seat pipes

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Weight 140 g

Trek N Ride



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4 reviews for Triathlon Bottle Holder

  1. Ashley Baker

    Great product and comes with the necessary stainless steel screws and washers.

  2. Alderi

    Just a good, function, bottle holder. Easy to put bottle in, take it out. Has held securely two very differently sized bottles. I think it’s attractive on my bike as well.

  3. Clicker

    Holds most bottles and has just enough flexibility. Light weight and small, but effective.

  4. Ian Skidmore

    Nice product. Reasonable price.

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